Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well Worth the Money

Brief Warning. Do Not Scroll if you are squeamish. Fell on my bike and took pictures of my owies.

My Right Knee

I knew those first aid classes would be worth it. So, OK, I imagined I might need them for another person, not so much myself. I went for a bike ride up to the Bozeman Creek Trail with my hubby this morning. He had to get back to work, but I decided to stay behind and explore.

My Left Hand

Well, I'm not too comfy with downhill or gravel roads much less the two together. And this is the result. This happened because I was going too slow and being too cautious believe it or not. I saw this huge rock in the trail (Well, it stuck out a couple of inches.) and of course having looked at it, started steering for it. I slowed way down and went over the top of it, but I didn't have enough speed to just slide over it and keep going. It tilted me to the right which would have been OK except my left foot came out of the stirrup while my right foot did not, and I went over.

Sadly my husband had been trying to convince me earlier that I might like click ins because you don't have to flip the pedal to slide in. And of course the opposite is true, with clip ins, you don't have to flip the pedal a bit to slide out. That's why my foot wouldn't come free. I couldn't get my pedal just so, so I could slide out of the basket and down I went. I still don't know though. Until he got the hang of his pedals he fell over a couple of times and his balance is way better than mine.

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