Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Grasshoppers and A Ladybug

These photos were taken on the trail out by Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter.

I wonder if grasshoppers pollinate plants as they munch away. Maybe not as intensely as bees, but if you look really close (click on the image to see a larger view), you can see he has bits of pollen stuck to his face. I don't think it takes much to pollinate a plant, and it looks like it would stick long enough to hit the next flower. As far as I know grasshoppers eat leaves, but then it does look like from this angle he's eating the flower. I guess that would defeat the purpose.

This ladybug looks like he's saying, "Hey do you mind? That's my undercarriage. Thank you very much."

I love this guy. I didn't see him at all. I was photographing pollen boy above. As I headed out to go back on my walk, I noticed movement on this plant. It still looked like the wind blowing through the dried petals. But something was a bit off, so I looked closer, and there he was. He has the perfect camouflage.

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