Monday, July 20, 2009

The Trick Is Not to Step on Them

I start by not stepping off the trail. It's no guarantee, but it helps. This spider was hooked between two pieces of scrub brush. I almost tripped over him unfortunately. At first I saw the web and thought bummer, there's no spider, but when I peered more intently at the web, I spotted him. He had made a little sac, (she?) in the middle of the web and was hiding up in it. I then proceeded to try and figure out if the spider was eating the ants or if the ants were getting the better of the spider. I decided the spider was winning.

Side Note: I once lived in Southern California and had a whole wall in the entrance way full of grand daddy long legs. (I had to vacuum a few up from time to time they were so prolific.) I woke up one morning and the wall was empty. Instead we had a steady stream of ants coming through the door. I couldn't believe it. Apparently there is strength in numbers.

This grasshopper is resting inside a goats beard that has gone to seed. That's one awesome perch. I think I spotted him because I love these plants when they puff out like this and had probably stopped to photograph this one and realized I had a bonus subject.

This is definitely a good one for not stepping off the trail. He was right next to it running around on the ground. Fortunately, he was easy to spot. He's tiny, but he's colorful. Probably works for flowers just not so well for wood chips.

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