Thursday, July 16, 2009

Out and About in Montana or As Wild Goose Chases Go...

This was a good one. We went to Giant Springs State Park this past Sunday. While I got some good shots in Great Falls such as the railway depot building above, the rest of the trip fell apart a bit.

Shortly after we reached the state park, a storm broke out. This included really intense rain and some small hail. To capture the above shot of Rainbow Dam, I had to dash from the car to a shelter structure that covered a small picnic table. Even so, I was continually pelted by cold driving rain. After snapping off a few quick shots, I ran back to the car. I never did find the spot they photographed for the state parks' website. Oh, well. The point would be to photograph what I find, not photograph what someone else has found.

On our way home, the clouds cleared which worked out well. We stopped at St. Peter's Mission overlook on the way home to take some gorgeous scenic shots of the Missouri River.

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