Friday, July 31, 2009

One Doesn't Belong Part 2

I have a hard time with titles, so I noticed I had used this title before for one of my entries. Thus the part 2. I imagine it'll go to 3 on down the line. That's OK. A reoccuring theme never hurts. In fact, I'll have another You Find the Oddest Things tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy. And can you figure out which one doesn't belong?

These are wolly adelgids. They are similar to aphids. It comes down to body shape and antennae length. You say aphid I say adelgid. (Maybe that's funny if you're an entomologist.) The white stuff is not the actual insect. It's a waxy substance they cover themselves in. Adelgids / Aphids are very interesting creatures. Especially when it comes to ways to protect themselves.

This is very similar to another photo I have in which the egg is in a mushroom. I don't know what it goes to. It's interesting.

I like this shot. The flow of the water. The lighting. I realize it's not insect related, but I just couldn't cut it from today's entry.

This is an unknown butterfly. I'm guessing it belongs to the Satyridae family. I should know it. I know I've seen pictures of it. But I couldn't find one on the internet today.

Technically all these photos belong. I took them while on a hike up the Sypes Canyon Trail. It was teeming with life.

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