Friday, July 24, 2009

On The Road (Again)

I'm not too good with where I am when I take a photo. My husband is considering getting me set up with GPS. That would be pretty cool. We took a road trip last weekend to Harlowton, Montana. On the way out we went toward Billings then north into Big Timber. On the way back we came through White Sulphur Springs then onto the 89 toward Wilsall coming back on Brackett Creek Road. If anyone cares to get out to these areas, they are very beautiful.

The reason for our visit to Harlowton is the museum there has an avaceratops replica. The original was found in the Judith River Formation. I will be posting more about that in the future. We found out about this particular dinosaur because my son got a passport for the dinosaur trail. We are trying to hit up some of the museums on the trail this summer. If you visit all of them within five years and get all the stamps on your passport, you get a free t-shirt. Pretty Cool.

Montana Scenic

Grain Storage

Wind Farm

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