Friday, July 10, 2009

My Birthday

This is my husband's idea of wrapping. Yes, that's a toaster cover. I thought the note was cute. And I have to admit I wondered what could be under there.

Here it is. Yes, that's a hornet's nest. Yes, that is what my husband gave me for my birthday. No, it did not open up a "hornet's nest". (Puns are not my strong point.) I thought it was a pretty awesome gift. I took like a gazillion photos of it. Now you're probably wondering where did he get it? Well, that would be the overhang on our garage. That's where it was hanging. He managed to get it down without damaging it. Apparently the hornet flew off and didn't come back. I can't tell that any eggs were laid in it. It's in a display case in the event that this nest mirrors the one from The Shining. (Old Stephen King book. I don't remember if the movie covered this scene. At one point the dad gives his kid an empty bees nest, but then bees somehow come alive from it and start stinging the kid. In the book it's used to build tension as things get weirder and weirder. )

Another birthday highlight. I found him (I think of all bugs as males - no disrespect intended to the guys out there. Sometimes, I know how to tell when they're her's, so I'll use that pronoun. If it's building a nest, her gets used too.) in my Columbine flower. He's that small. Unfortunately, not the best shot. He does appear to have a lengthy probiscos though. I'm thiking Weevil, but I'm not for sure.

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