Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Morning in the Meadow

Well, I got up and out this morning which has been rare lately. My dog, who has arthritis in her shoulder, has been doing better, so I took her for a walk. Today was beetle day. Unfortunately, only a few shots turned out. (I've been playing with the settings to try and get less graininess in my photos.) The above photo is a red-blue checkered beetle. Due to his markings, the pollen gives him a shimmery look.

This shot is actually in our flower garden. We have some ornamental grass. This is my favorite type of grass. I like the way it fans out and how the light catches it. Also the red highlights on the tip of the grass provide a nice contrast compared to the rest of the plant.

I spotted this guy right away. He was in the meadow. He's an adelphocoris plant bug. Not sure what the exact species is. Apparently these guys will eat alfalfa and are pests to that crop. I suspect there's a farmer around here that's not as happy as I am to see these bugs.

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