Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's in the Details

Well, today I had a pretty good run. I was photographing the pelicans above when I noticed that mom and ducklings are on the log. The pelicans had log rights the other night, but apparently today there was no moving mama and her ducklings.

Here's a familiar creature. I don't think it's the same beetle from a couple of weeks ago. It is another hairy scarab beetle though. He's really giving me the eye here. He's also covered in sprinkles of pollen. Gives him a sparkly look.

This picture didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped. I try to get the focus in on the insect's head, however, the camera had a mind of its own and went for the wings. That may acturally be the more interesting shot. I didn't realize his wings were in such bad shape until I saw the photo on my computer. They are definitely shredded.

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