Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harlowton Rail Depot

Below are shots from the Harlowton Train Depot. I also included some links of older pictures. It appears that renovation was started, but never quite got finished. On the one side of the building the painting has not been finished. I can't tell how long it's been like that. Could be they'll be done next week. And that's how Harlowton feels. In between. Neither fixed up nor falling apart.

On one blog I found, the author said he had stayed at the depot and his post was from July 6th of this year. OK. He had met someone in town who invited him to stay. You can't just walk into the place. What I can't tell is if they ever did turn it into a museum and if there are hours when you can go into the depot. We were out there on a Sunday, so I can understand if some things are not open.

There is a nice walking trail out there. We did not explore too far. Very hot out and I was getting sunburned. (I'll remember my handy dandy suntan lotion one of these days.) The Smoking Boomer sign is new. There has been a great deal of effort put into renovating this site. It just feels like it's suspended again. That would be unfortunate.

My husband walking toward the plow car. Don't know what the piece of machinery is to the left. Could be something from the old flour mill. I have a photo of the flour mill in one of my previous posts. I mistook it for a grain elevator. That is probably correct in the sense that a mill would have a grain elevator near by to store the grain. I just wasn't aware of the larger picture.

This sign appears to be relatively new.

No notation for this. I think it could be a grinding stone from the flour mill.

Here's a long shot with the depot and all the cars. This shows that the paint job is not quite done.

My husband took this shot of the controls inside the locomotive. - need to scroll to the bottom of this page to see the photos. - may explain why the site feels half done or the task is slow going at best.

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