Monday, July 27, 2009

Fish Technology Center and Beyond

This was taken at the Fish Technology Center in Bozeman Montana. The ranger was nice enough to feed the fish while I was taking photos. I lucked out and got this one as it was coming out of the water to get some grub.

I took this coming back from my hike out to the center. I came back on the gravel road as opposed to the trail. It just leads to the highway, so I had to back track. Still, I got this gorgeous butterfly. He almost seemed to be posing for me, as he changed positions several times, but never flew off. Well, not until I got the perfect shot.

This is beyond. When I got back home I found this grasshopper in this goatsbeard that had gone to seed. That's quite common. It's still cool. I always assumed they hopped in there on purpose to hide and get some rest. This guy however seemed to be imploring me to help get him out of there. There was another grasshopper near by sitting on a grass stalk. Seemed to be concerned. OK, maybe I'm losing it.

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