Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dr. Pepper, An Ant and My Cat

Well this is what happens when you're brain doesn't quite process information correctly. I saw this in the freezer earlier and thought I should take it out, but not being able to remember why, I thought, well, Chris probably wants it to be cold, so I didn't. About 10 minutes later it went pop! I still didn't put two and two together and figured my tupperware lids had fallen behind the containers. Chris found it later. Sigh. He was kind enough to clean up the debris and the food around it to be safe.

I could never figure out why, but ants love my Chrysanthemums. Apparently the plant produces some sort of liquid the ants like. Honeydew, I guess. They don't seem to harm the plant any, so I never bother them. Better they are out there then in our house.

I shot this quickly. I love the shadow pattern on Garfield's fur. Part of the territory, for me anyway, that comes with a new camera is a lot of bee shots and a lot of cat / dog shots. Mainly because these are good litmus tests and also because they are some of my favorite subjects.

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