Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day in the Life

Yesterday was quite the adventure. It started with this spider in my bath tub. I attempted to photograph him with a quarter for scale. This was the best shot. I was kind enough to put him outside before turning on the shower.

Then I began preparation for the garage sale my son decided to have on Sunday. Sigh. I think we would have waited until Saturday, but it's July 4th weekend. So I figured either or. It was a bust. We had one customer we didn't know and a neighbor come by. Better luck next time. I attempted to tell the story in a montage above. Basically, a storm rolled in and put an early end to our sale. Even after moving into the garage, the winds were so strong, I decided to just put everything to the side and get the car in lest it hailed.

Since the garage sale was so exciting, I had extra time on my hands. Below is a shot of a bee I took that was busy pollinating my chrysanthemum. Well, at least I got some good photos before the storm rolled in.

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