Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Beauty That Is Nature

This bunny was in our front yard when I came home from walking the dog in the meadow. He sat still for a bit, but then he bolted. And so did the cat. Bunny managed to run under some junk under our porch. (I didn't even know that stuff was there. Might be something to toss out one of these days. I think it's old tomato plant stakes or something.) Kitty couldn't get to him. Kitty gave up before bunny came out, so I'm hoping bunny managed to escape.

This grasshopper was in my flower garden when I came home from the aforementioned walk. I love how he fits right in the middle of the flower. The petals frame him very nicely.

This last photo is a golden-haired flower long horn beetle. Say that five times fast! He's a beauty. I found him in the meadow. When I first spotted him, I wasn't sure he was alive because he didn't appear to be moving. When I came back at the end of the walk, he had shifted position. Apparently long horn beetle larvae (and some adults) will eat wood, but only once it's dying or decaying. So while he may have munched on my pine tree as a larvae, he is probably not responsible for the original damage. He would have been part of the clean up crew.

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