Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Around the Yard

This is a spider with an egg sac. I found about three of them crawling around near our crab apple tree. They were quick, so it took some patience to wait for them to hold still and to track them until they did. This may be a wolf spider. I'm not for sure. It seems like the markings are backwards. Wolf spiders seem to have light, not dark stripes. It may be a mimic.

What you're seeing here is scale. While it looks like its name, it actually is a very small insect that eats trees. There are soft bodied ones and hard bodied ones. I think we have the hard bodied kind. They are all over our hedges. The claim is you need to cut back the hedge to about 1 to 2 feet then spray. Well, not sure the hedges are ours. Our neighbor just had a tree service out there trimming and cutting the dead parts. Chris and I found a site that said ladybugs will eat these things. So we'll try that first. Then we'll have to ask our neighbors what they'd like to do. I'll split the cost with them. Apparently this will spread to other trees like wildfire. Sigh, yet again.

This is a grand-daddy long legs. They are not actually spiders. And they are very venemous to other insects. They don't have long enough fangs to harm us. This guy full blown is kind of scary. That's the downside to my new camera. It really captures the details. I never realized how large their mouth parts were and where all his eyes are kind of looks like a shrunken head of all things. Kind of freaky.

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