Friday, July 31, 2009

One Doesn't Belong Part 2

I have a hard time with titles, so I noticed I had used this title before for one of my entries. Thus the part 2. I imagine it'll go to 3 on down the line. That's OK. A reoccuring theme never hurts. In fact, I'll have another You Find the Oddest Things tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy. And can you figure out which one doesn't belong?

These are wolly adelgids. They are similar to aphids. It comes down to body shape and antennae length. You say aphid I say adelgid. (Maybe that's funny if you're an entomologist.) The white stuff is not the actual insect. It's a waxy substance they cover themselves in. Adelgids / Aphids are very interesting creatures. Especially when it comes to ways to protect themselves.

This is very similar to another photo I have in which the egg is in a mushroom. I don't know what it goes to. It's interesting.

I like this shot. The flow of the water. The lighting. I realize it's not insect related, but I just couldn't cut it from today's entry.

This is an unknown butterfly. I'm guessing it belongs to the Satyridae family. I should know it. I know I've seen pictures of it. But I couldn't find one on the internet today.

Technically all these photos belong. I took them while on a hike up the Sypes Canyon Trail. It was teeming with life.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Grasshoppers and A Ladybug

These photos were taken on the trail out by Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter.

I wonder if grasshoppers pollinate plants as they munch away. Maybe not as intensely as bees, but if you look really close (click on the image to see a larger view), you can see he has bits of pollen stuck to his face. I don't think it takes much to pollinate a plant, and it looks like it would stick long enough to hit the next flower. As far as I know grasshoppers eat leaves, but then it does look like from this angle he's eating the flower. I guess that would defeat the purpose.

This ladybug looks like he's saying, "Hey do you mind? That's my undercarriage. Thank you very much."

I love this guy. I didn't see him at all. I was photographing pollen boy above. As I headed out to go back on my walk, I noticed movement on this plant. It still looked like the wind blowing through the dried petals. But something was a bit off, so I looked closer, and there he was. He has the perfect camouflage.

Around the Yard

This is a spider with an egg sac. I found about three of them crawling around near our crab apple tree. They were quick, so it took some patience to wait for them to hold still and to track them until they did. This may be a wolf spider. I'm not for sure. It seems like the markings are backwards. Wolf spiders seem to have light, not dark stripes. It may be a mimic.

What you're seeing here is scale. While it looks like its name, it actually is a very small insect that eats trees. There are soft bodied ones and hard bodied ones. I think we have the hard bodied kind. They are all over our hedges. The claim is you need to cut back the hedge to about 1 to 2 feet then spray. Well, not sure the hedges are ours. Our neighbor just had a tree service out there trimming and cutting the dead parts. Chris and I found a site that said ladybugs will eat these things. So we'll try that first. Then we'll have to ask our neighbors what they'd like to do. I'll split the cost with them. Apparently this will spread to other trees like wildfire. Sigh, yet again.

This is a grand-daddy long legs. They are not actually spiders. And they are very venemous to other insects. They don't have long enough fangs to harm us. This guy full blown is kind of scary. That's the downside to my new camera. It really captures the details. I never realized how large their mouth parts were and where all his eyes are kind of looks like a shrunken head of all things. Kind of freaky.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Much Excitement

VM Sehy Photography - Cafe Press Roly Poly Store

Sold my first journal on cafe press. I'm very excited.

Having written that, I have also included in this post the rest of the photos I took from my bike ride up Sourdough Canyon.


Delicate Beauty - Don't know what kind of flowers these are. They're pretty though. And they're all over the canyon.

Bozeman Creek

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fish Technology Center and Beyond

This was taken at the Fish Technology Center in Bozeman Montana. The ranger was nice enough to feed the fish while I was taking photos. I lucked out and got this one as it was coming out of the water to get some grub.

I took this coming back from my hike out to the center. I came back on the gravel road as opposed to the trail. It just leads to the highway, so I had to back track. Still, I got this gorgeous butterfly. He almost seemed to be posing for me, as he changed positions several times, but never flew off. Well, not until I got the perfect shot.

This is beyond. When I got back home I found this grasshopper in this goatsbeard that had gone to seed. That's quite common. It's still cool. I always assumed they hopped in there on purpose to hide and get some rest. This guy however seemed to be imploring me to help get him out of there. There was another grasshopper near by sitting on a grass stalk. Seemed to be concerned. OK, maybe I'm losing it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shield's River Valley Historical Marker

This is on the 89. It's a historical marker for the Shield's River Valley. A statue of a trapper. His name is Thunder Jack. It's just outside Wilsall Montana, so it's pretty easy to find. The last picture is a shot of Wilsall from the marker.

Falling Down (Fallen Down?)

We ran across this barn on the way home. I think it's on the 89 just past Two Dot. We were able to pull into a bit of a road that heads back toward it. It's fenced off. In fact, it's fenced off by the road as well as being encirlced by fence. Interesting.

If you look really close, you can see the husk of an antique pickup truck. I'd put it in the 1930s somewhere. Love my precision. The engine compartment is still there, too, however, it is in pieces on the ground. I'm curious to know what it means to someone since they did go to the trouble of making sure it is fenced off within a fence.

Harlowton Rail Depot

Below are shots from the Harlowton Train Depot. I also included some links of older pictures. It appears that renovation was started, but never quite got finished. On the one side of the building the painting has not been finished. I can't tell how long it's been like that. Could be they'll be done next week. And that's how Harlowton feels. In between. Neither fixed up nor falling apart.

On one blog I found, the author said he had stayed at the depot and his post was from July 6th of this year. OK. He had met someone in town who invited him to stay. You can't just walk into the place. What I can't tell is if they ever did turn it into a museum and if there are hours when you can go into the depot. We were out there on a Sunday, so I can understand if some things are not open.

There is a nice walking trail out there. We did not explore too far. Very hot out and I was getting sunburned. (I'll remember my handy dandy suntan lotion one of these days.) The Smoking Boomer sign is new. There has been a great deal of effort put into renovating this site. It just feels like it's suspended again. That would be unfortunate.

My husband walking toward the plow car. Don't know what the piece of machinery is to the left. Could be something from the old flour mill. I have a photo of the flour mill in one of my previous posts. I mistook it for a grain elevator. That is probably correct in the sense that a mill would have a grain elevator near by to store the grain. I just wasn't aware of the larger picture.

This sign appears to be relatively new.

No notation for this. I think it could be a grinding stone from the flour mill.

Here's a long shot with the depot and all the cars. This shows that the paint job is not quite done.

My husband took this shot of the controls inside the locomotive. - need to scroll to the bottom of this page to see the photos. - may explain why the site feels half done or the task is slow going at best.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harlowton Museum

Below are some photos of the different exhibits in the Harlowton Museum. These are all in the first building. There are two different buildings on main street. Both house museum exhibits. The second one has the dinosaur replica in it. Unfortunately, due to low light and not using a flash, I was unable to get a decent shot of it. (When we first arrived the museum staff person was giving a tour, so I did not know if flash photography was allowed. Out of respect, I turned my flash off as the light can be quite harsh on some materials.)

They don't make them like this anymore, at all.
This bell came from Edison School.

I do wish.
I thought the commentary in this cartoon was interesting. (To read it, click on the image and it will go to a larger photo.) I wish this country still put such a high value on education.

Where I'll end up.

Two heads are better than one. GROAN. Yeah I heard that.

Harlowton Montana

This appears to be an abandoned grain elevator. I don't know for sure. I can't find any other information or pictures of it on the internet. It's just outside of town. I like abandoned structures. There's just something haunting, yet beautiful in all that emptiness.

This bee fly shot was taken at Chief Joseph Park in Harlowton.

This is the E57B locomotive. This was an electric train. Below is a link with information about Harlowton and a blurb about this train.

Friday, July 24, 2009

On The Road (Again)

I'm not too good with where I am when I take a photo. My husband is considering getting me set up with GPS. That would be pretty cool. We took a road trip last weekend to Harlowton, Montana. On the way out we went toward Billings then north into Big Timber. On the way back we came through White Sulphur Springs then onto the 89 toward Wilsall coming back on Brackett Creek Road. If anyone cares to get out to these areas, they are very beautiful.

The reason for our visit to Harlowton is the museum there has an avaceratops replica. The original was found in the Judith River Formation. I will be posting more about that in the future. We found out about this particular dinosaur because my son got a passport for the dinosaur trail. We are trying to hit up some of the museums on the trail this summer. If you visit all of them within five years and get all the stamps on your passport, you get a free t-shirt. Pretty Cool.

Montana Scenic

Grain Storage

Wind Farm

In Bozeman

I took this at the Bozeman Public Library. I love the color. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers.

This is at the library, too. I wrote down the name of the artist and the title, and I lost the note. Bummer. I like this sculpture, though. Especially the gears on the side.

I titled this photo Weed Control. This little guy lives in the hedges by our driveway, I think. At least that's where he runs for protection from our cat. He likes to come out and eat the grass growing up through our driveway. He needs to eat faster and more of it. Go bunny go!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And So It Goes

Another warning. One more shot of my knee owie. So if you're squeamish, don't look!

Well, here's my injured knee again after some time has passed. I clot quickly. Thank goodness. It is currently smoothered in neosporin and wrapped tightly. Hurts a little, but isn't as stiff as it was. I think it'll heal just fine. Same with my hand. I had a hard time getting it cleaned though, so it will be smoothered quite liberally for some time to come.

This showed up later. My eye started to feel sticky this afternoon (around 2), so I went to look and sure enough, it's swollen. From what, is the question. While I was out at the watershed, I felt something land and my right eyelid started to itch. So I knocked it off. I figured it was a mosquito. If it was, I'm frightened. My mosquito bites don't usually swell like this. Yikes! Well, that should be it for the heavy posts. All I have left is the scenics and insects.

Go Home? Are You Insane?!

Oh, yeah, I forgot. I'm the one who's insane. Below are shots of my exploration.

Watershed Spillway 1

Watershed Spillway 2

Bozeman Creek

Well Worth the Money

Brief Warning. Do Not Scroll if you are squeamish. Fell on my bike and took pictures of my owies.

My Right Knee

I knew those first aid classes would be worth it. So, OK, I imagined I might need them for another person, not so much myself. I went for a bike ride up to the Bozeman Creek Trail with my hubby this morning. He had to get back to work, but I decided to stay behind and explore.

My Left Hand

Well, I'm not too comfy with downhill or gravel roads much less the two together. And this is the result. This happened because I was going too slow and being too cautious believe it or not. I saw this huge rock in the trail (Well, it stuck out a couple of inches.) and of course having looked at it, started steering for it. I slowed way down and went over the top of it, but I didn't have enough speed to just slide over it and keep going. It tilted me to the right which would have been OK except my left foot came out of the stirrup while my right foot did not, and I went over.

Sadly my husband had been trying to convince me earlier that I might like click ins because you don't have to flip the pedal to slide in. And of course the opposite is true, with clip ins, you don't have to flip the pedal a bit to slide out. That's why my foot wouldn't come free. I couldn't get my pedal just so, so I could slide out of the basket and down I went. I still don't know though. Until he got the hang of his pedals he fell over a couple of times and his balance is way better than mine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out and About in Bozeman: Part 1

I have to admit that I got so many good photos from my hike out by the Fish Technology Center (This trail turns into the Drinking Horse Trail.) that it was very hard to choose just three. In fact, I decided to do two posts, one with highlights along the trail and this one with the insects I found. Above is a blister beetle. Notice the pollen bunched up around his mouth parts. I don't think that most people think of beetles as pollinators, but they are. Again is it a pest or is it a beneficial insect. If you take into account the leaf eating, it's probably not a favorite, yet it does pollinate the flowers and they wouldn't bloom otherwise. I did find this fun link on the forest services site about beetles and pollination.

I believe this little guy, maybe 2 mm long, is a bombardier beetle. I love the way he's eyeing me. Of course, he then turned around to point his abdomen at me. That's not something you want. They spray out a noxious and hot chemical. Fortunately, he spared me.

I have no idea what kind of caterpillar this is. That is unfortunate. He is very beautiful. I thought maybe a fritallary, but no luck there. Surprisingly, I did not see him. I only spotted him after I stood up from photographing the bombardier beetle. It's amazing what we can over look. He sure doesn't look like he'd blend in so well.