Monday, June 22, 2009

What Gets Noticed

Sometimes titles don't come easily to me. Especially if it's not obvious what ties my choice of photographs together. However, the title for this blog entry finally came to me. The common denominator in all these photos is an ability to notice detail. Not only on my behalf, but on the behalf of nature as well. If you look really closely at the photo above, you will see there are black birds in the trees. They are very good at keeping an eye on my cat. They know he's around before I do. Of course, for them, this attention to detail means the next generation will survive and live on.
It's not as dire for me of course. For me, it's more about noticing that special detail that makes a photo stand out. Half the time I'm not even sure I'm aware of it or if I could even explain it. I do love attention to detail, but it's just so much a part of my nature that at times I couldn't even put my finger on it. Why did I take the picture above? I would say because I like the way the petals are arranged and how the flower is open enough to see in, but not so open as to be exposed to the world. That's probably pretty close. To be more succint, I like the way the petals are framing the middle of the flower. (Never could remember the technical parts for plants.)

Now the bottom photo is another matter altogether. Noticing a grasshopper that is about 1/4" to 1/2" long in a big wide meadow takes some skill. At least I like to think so. Here I've learned one thing that helps immensely. Grasshoppers like thistly plants. They also like Tansy. (Of course, this is another form of attention to detail.) When I see these plants, I know to keep my eye open for grasshoppers. The other thing I like about spotting such small things is it's like a big what doesn't belong game to me. Lots of times when I go to look at that brown patch on a leaf, it's leaf damage. However, it's a tiny grasshopper enough times that I keep looking. And sometimes it's something else entirely, and that's the best surprise of all. Never knowing what I'll find keeps me entertained when I'm out wandering around.

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