Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Points of Interest

The first photo is of one of the banners you can currently see around town. There is a small "ern" after Northwest. You can't see it in my photo. I snapped it really quick out the back car window as we were heading away from it up 7th. You can read an article about what has some people in our community upset at the following link:

I was over to Bogert Park this weekend. We went with my son to check out the new playground equipment. (See bottom photo.) I noticed that they were renovating the bandshell, too. Good thing. I'm surprised it didn't crumble into dust. I'll be interested to see what comes out of it.

To sign off, I will say, no, no one really knows how to play with this stuff. That includes the kids. You're supposed to climb on it, I think. It's not very practical and didn't seem to be getting much use. Oh, well. Maybe it'll grow on me.

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