Saturday, June 13, 2009

Out and About in Bozeman

This post is a few days late. Last Thursday my son and I biked over (Well, he scootered.) to the Museum of the Rockies. The main exhibit is about treasure hunting. It's pretty cool. They have a submersible machine in a tank that you can work by remote. It has a camera on it. We weren't able to get lined up with the barrel to see what was in it, but it was still fun to try and work it. And then they have metal detectors and you can try and find treasure in this big sand box exhibit. It's actually got rubber bits instead of sand though. And, of course, treasure to look at. Pretty cool exhibit over all.

The first photo is from their molecular paleontology field station. I looked up molecular paleontology. It's really cool. No dinosaur clones yet. They're just figuring out how to tell if the DNA they get comes from the dinosaur itself or is contamination. I thought it was really fascinating. Of course, I'm kind of a geek.

The other photo is from Big Mike out front. I thought the clouds looked really cool through his ribs. It was definitely a fun day.

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