Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Constants and Change

Well the first photograph is all that remains of our large pine trees. Pretty much nothing. They finish cleaning up tomorrow. (Been a long day. Pretty much took care of my few remaining PAC tasks and am pretty much officially retired from that job and the pine trees came down on the same day. Sigh.) I was actually a bit excited when I first got home and saw that they hadn't finished and had left one of the trees partially cut up. I figured I might be able to see the damage from the inside or find beetles scuttling off in search of a new tree. (OK. So only I can get excited about such a thing when the beetles are such a serious pest. And the reason my trees had to come down.) Nope. Clean. Odd that they can do such damage and not even get to the middle of the tree. Well, bark beetles can do that, too.
The above photo also makes me a bit sad. It's a magpie nest. I know they were using it last year. I'm not sure about this year. It's cool to see up close. It's about 1.5 feet high and maybe 2 across. Quite the nest. I think magpies are so pretty and then they open their mouths. (I think of them as the Fran Drescher - sp? - of birds. Can't help it.) They also chase the dog and cat. Ours weren't too bad actually. I get a really rough time from black birds for some odd reason.

I took this one in the "meadow" this morning while walking the dog. I wonder what they say to each other. Is there some sort of ant mind meld they're doing?

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