Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Nature

Starting out with some beauty. This double rainbow appeared sunday evening. Very nice.
Now you may be wondering what exactly is mooning you here. This is a crane fly. From this angle he / she looks much more dangerous than they actually are. My son told me they are related to mosquitos. I guess that makes sense. Fortunately, they don't suck your blood to incubate their eggs. Although I guess mosquitos get pretty big in Minnesota, being their state bird and all. Having grown up in Iowa, the mosquitos weren't so much big as they were constant.
This little one is a grasshopper. Don't ask me what kind. You can kind of get an idea for how big he is if you consider that he's sitting amongst the spines of a poppy leaf. They run about 1/4 of an inch to maybe 1/2 inch long. He is by far got to be the smallest grasshopper I've ever seen. And I believe he is full grown. Pretty cool.

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