Saturday, June 13, 2009

Around Our House

Where to start. Well this is a bit backwards. It all starts with the bee on the bottom. Coming home from a hike the other day, I had remembered I wanted to check to see if our dryer vent outlet was blocked. And it was. With a ton of lint as usual. Well, the bottom flap to the outlet sticks, so I was reaching under to push it out when I felt something prickly. I thought, that's odd. That feels like the hard shell of an way. Sure enough. I lift and there's a bee stuck in the lint. Dead of course. Fortunately.

Well, in the process of showing this to my husband, he found that our deck is rotting. Joy. I can't tell, but it seemed like some beetles had gotten in there. Great. Guess we should have gotten those trees down a little quicker. He says it looks like the rot is contained in the 2x4 that is part of the deck and not a supporting piece. So it should be easy to fix. We need to restain it this summer. I'm sure that'll be future posts.

Then directly below is a crab spider my husband found crawling on the side of our house. I love crab spiders. They have this funky shape. And some of them change color to match the flower they're on. A very cool little arachnid.

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