Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out and About Near Bozeman

This out and about is a bit out of order. I went up to History Rock Trailhead in Hyalite Canyon on Friday. I did not make it to the top because my poor dog was on a death march. I decided it was best to turn around and get her home to cool and water. I had my bag on me, but she won't drink from it. She had some snow and water run off. I'm hoping to go back this week as I gleaned from fellow hikers that it is a beautiful view and the rock is at the top of course.

All was not in vain though as I got some really cool shots. The spiders were everywhere. The one above was kind of enough to sit still for a brief photo shoot.

This moss was really awesome. Delicate in a way and lit just so by the little bit of sun that made it in.

These are gopher eskers. I can't swear on it. They could belong to a mole. They claim it's easy to tell the difference, but I couldn't do it using photos off the internet. It's quite the elaborate tunnel system, though.

Here we have a beetle that is very shy. I would not have spotted him like this. When I first saw him he was out crawling along the log. Very helpful though. I always look at half rotten logs thinking I should find something and coming away empty handed most times. It would never have occured to me that the insects may be half hidden and boring into the log in an up and down position. Now I know, and I'll look for that.

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