Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out and About in Bozeman

This week I'm exploring the seedier side of Bozeman - the recycling bins at Walmart. I believe the true title of this post should be "Dumpster Not to Be Confused with Dump". I round the corner and yes, I have a question - What in the World!

This is not a place to hastily dump your belongings as you blast out of town. I'm sorry you can't afford a dumpster or the fees or time to run to the Logan dump, but seriously? None of this is recyclable. They won't take it. They won't even run over it with their trucks. And now I can't get to the aluminum and plastic from that side for who knows how long?

Is life getting so messy that some other solution can't be found? Perhaps, splitting it up into the garbage for weeks? (Actually this looks similar to a bunch of stuff that someone who lived on Rouse would leave on their front lawn for months proclaiming a rummage sale. Rain or Shine. If so, they had time to get it in the garbage. That pile did recently disappear though.) Maybe there just was not enough warning to find an alternative solution. I mean if I didn't know better I would think that one of the homeless people had dumped their cart there. They haven't even touched this.

The other thing that caused me to ponder was how much this feels like Eugene OR. I will relate. My sister-in-law lives in Eugene. One night, when we were visiting, we went for a walk and as we returned to her house she stopped by a friend's house to ruffle through what's known as a free box. Reba explained that you put stuff you don't want anymore in a box, mark it free and people take what they want. OK. Problem is her friend's free box looked a lot like this pile. And she did say that her friend needs to just throw out some of that stuff. (The homeless wouldn't touch that pile either.) I don't want to be Eugene. I don't mind a free box. I want it to be more like Japan though where people throw out perfectly good electronics because they have something newer. Apparently my brother-in-law has picked up many good things over the years because of this. That, I can groove on. I can not groove on people not knowing when to throw out stuff no one wants and each time it goes out again it looks a little bit more ragged.

I hope Walmart or the recycling company figures this one out. A) We all need to get to those bins. B) I don't think it lends the right atmosphere.

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