Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catch Up

Well this post is a doozy. It's been one crazy week so I've barely had time to add to my blog. This was actually taken a couple of weekends ago already. Due to 19th being detoured at the time, we were driving through that tech park, and I happened to notice a woodpecker chipping away at the Moleculer Biosciences building sign. Of course the minute I stop, he flies off. Last I saw him he was chewing on another sign out that way. You can see the hole and the stuff he dropped into it below.

So once we stopped, we noticed the small pond out there. It was brimming with life. Mayflies and diving beetles and all kinds of stuff. Worms even. The only decent shot I got in the water was of the diving beetle below.

Next I took a shot of a Mayfly my husband fished out of the water. We naively believed we were saving it from drowning. Turns out they lay their eggs in the water. This guy may be a juvenile who just hatched, and they will hang out in the water for a bit until they develop enough to fly to the trees. They then mate and fly back to the water. The whole process may take maybe 3 days. Very short time. So we may have fished him out of the water too soon. To make matters worse, I can see a small spider in the background when I completely blow up the bottom shot. (I cropped it out.) He may have ended up as dinner. Oops!

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