Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bears My Foot - Try Landslides

These past two weeks have been impossible for me. Way too busy. I'm gathering material faster than I can organize it. Happens to me when the weather gets nice. I can't get outside enough. Add field trips and you can just about forget it.

These shots are from a trip I took last Friday to Lava Lake. At the bottom of the trail is the usual warnings about bears and what to do. So I'm the only one out there. Enjoying a nice quiet walk through the woods, OK, kind of singing to myself to keep the bears away. And I'm looking around to make sure I don't interrupt any wildlife. Nothing. That's when I round the bend. From the parking lot you can see a recent landslide or something. Rocks all over the side of the mountain. I'm thinking, hum, hope that's stable. That's when you get close enough to see it for real. And you realize that if anything slips and starts the slide again about 100 of the world's biggest splinters are about to come down on you. (Oh, sure some people call those things trees.) And you think, hum, hope the rocks get me first. But then you realize it would hurt a lot to get hit by something the size of a small pick truck at about 100 miles an hour. And then you think Bears?! What about the landslides. (Not to mention whatever left that track in the snow. Looks like a cat print to me. A large cat! Yikes!)

Of course I can see me having an ironic ending. Some little gopher scampering across that and setting it free just in time for me to be standing there. Definitely my type of luck.

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