Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Happens When I'm Inside Too Long

Well, this is what happens when I've been inside too long. I'm supposed to be resting to recover from the flu - Ha! Went blog surfing instead and found a photo of Ikebana flower arrangement and thought it was cool.

I watched a video and gave it my best shot at making my own. It's my understanding that the basic idea is to take plants and make very simple clean arrangements using the lines to do the talking. Also, there's ways to bend the plants. These stems aren't even close to being large enough to use the bending technique on. I tried. However, to save myself a little frustration, I did choose a few branches with some natural bends. These are probably a bit crowded and busy to count, however, I thought they were pretty cool. Especially the way the juniper (very prickly) branches fell into the one vase.

Not bad overall considering I only have a few spring upstarts and left over winter plants to work with.

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