Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wave of Creativity

We have been working on some interesting things at our house lately. This is a droplet of wax I found while cleaning up after the guys made candles. I liked the arrow pattern in the middle. All the other droplets were very monotone in color.

I took that opportunity to finish up my cloth dinner napkins. Once I had finished sewing them, I decided to see if I could fold them. The bottom photo is the result of that. Not too bad really. Then I decided to see if I could stand them up behind a glass. /No, I was not bored :) / The result is what I call a glass dress. There's probably some technical term for what I did for surely I'm not the first person to figure out this looks really cool. Sort of like a kimono.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found the time to put together my etsy site. When I do, I will post a link. Hopefully next week!

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