Friday, March 13, 2009

Worm Baby-Sitter

Well, I have a few friends who I'm sure are currently trying to decide whether they can involuntarily commit me, but they love me anyway. I was volunteering for art the other day as I do to help at my son's school when his teacher mentioned that she would be gone for spring break. She was wondering if any of her family would like to watch the mealworms while she was gone. I said I'd be happy to do it. I know my husband won't mind and my son will love it. So we currently have a brood (?) of mealworms in our house. It's pretty awesome. And no, I was not a bit influenced by my love of macro photography and all things insect. So I've taken a few shots. The top one is a dead larvae I fished out of the cornmeal. I'm not sure if it has been infected with fungus or not. Don't know what happened to it. In the middle shot you can see some potato chunks with larvae and pupae around it. The larvae get their moisture from the vegetable chunks. The last shot is of a larvae taking cover under a potato chunk. (I hope I'm not that scary.)

We currently have a wire mesh on top of the box since once the pupae hatch, we will have beetles in our house. They fly. So A) I don't need darkling beetles in my house and B) I want them in their habitat for the kids to enjoy should they hatch over the break. There are a few larvae left, so perhaps there will be some late bloomers. (Although, the adult beetles will apparently eat the larvae. Nature, it ain't pretty.)

Yes, I lead a sad life. I plan to literally go nowhere for Spring Break. Although, I'll probably go on errands. Waiting for a pupae to hatch can be about as exciting as watching paint dry. I'm sure it's quick once it happens. There will probably be a few more photos as the week goes by.

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