Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm a Mommy - Sort Of

I say sort of because I have to give my son's teacher most of the credit for the babies so to speak. She's been caring for these guys for a long time. I merely baby-sat over spring break.

I realize this isn't the best shot, however, I'm so darn excited I thought I'd put it up anyway. The darkling beetle pupae hatched before I got them back to school. There were only four when I found them on Monday morning, and one was still wriggling out of his casing. Unfortunately, the shots from that morning are on a card that died. I'm hoping to recover them this weekend.

This is from the classroom a couple of days later. There are eight beetles now. They are starting to turn a copper brown. I believe the next stage is for them to turn black. I shot this through some door screen my husband and I covered the tray with. It is my understanding Darkling Beetles can fly, and I didn't want them in the house. My son's teacher took the netting off on Monday to show the kids the beetles and one of them climbed right up the side of the container, so she put the netting back on. I didn't want to take any chances, so I shot through it. Still, very exciting to be part of the process.

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