Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bozeman Explosion

These are some shots in the aftermath of the gas main explosion in Bozeman, MT on Thursday, March 5th. I wasn't able to get too close because they had cordoned off the area by the time I heard about it. Just as well. I'm all for public safety. The top shot is up main street looking east. The second shot was taken on Babcock (1 block South of Main) shooting over the buildings that are across the street from the explosion. The last shot is of main street facing west. The last two shots were taken on Babcock. One being of the yellow tape. I couldn't resist. The last, what can I say? I'm a nature photographer at heart, and I'm easily distracted. I'm hoping to get some photos of the ruins in the next couple of days. What a mess! What a day!

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