Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bozeman Explosion Part II

I took these photos the day after. Friday, March 6th around 11 o'clock. The photo above is of a local restaurant La Tinga. The one below is to show how deserted Main Street looks. I shot it on the corner of Tracy and Main looking East.

The photo below is interesting. On one hand you have the Odessey (the building on the corner) which lost windows due to the explosion. Then on the right hand side you have what was once the Rialto Theater which has looked like this for over a year. In fact, I didn't even stop to think that wasn't explosion damage until later.

The picutre below I took facing west on Main. You can get a better feel for the pile of debris from this angle.

The shot below was taken at Bozeman and Main looking East again. You can see how cold it was from the icicles on the sign post and the snow coming down. Between the stench and the temperature, I found it hard to stay for long. Also, my film camera ran out of battery power. I leave it on all the time and had forgotten to buy replacements. Someday I'll learn.

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