Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time Travel - Sort Of

Here are the shots of the beetles when they first emerged from their pupae casings. The first one is still stuck in his. Very precarious. I'd hate to have to be born this way. You could get eaten or stepped on. Yikes! Also I'm not that patient. Anyway, I had a couple of shots on that card that were corrupted, but I was able to recover most of that card. Here's the site I downloaded the software from: . I'm tickled pink!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Wherefor Art Thou?

Well, here it is March, not that you can tell. It is cold here! Winter apparently decided to show it's face for awhile. I came home from some meetings and found these icicles on my mailbox and on the ground near by. Pretty cool. Still, I am anxiously awaiting weather that is more representative of the photo below.

This photo was featured in a Treasury List on Etsy. (I linked to it on the title of this blog.) The author of the treasury decided to do an homage to pollen as there is apparently plenty of it right now in the South. I'll trade!

I'm a Mommy - Sort Of

I say sort of because I have to give my son's teacher most of the credit for the babies so to speak. She's been caring for these guys for a long time. I merely baby-sat over spring break.

I realize this isn't the best shot, however, I'm so darn excited I thought I'd put it up anyway. The darkling beetle pupae hatched before I got them back to school. There were only four when I found them on Monday morning, and one was still wriggling out of his casing. Unfortunately, the shots from that morning are on a card that died. I'm hoping to recover them this weekend.

This is from the classroom a couple of days later. There are eight beetles now. They are starting to turn a copper brown. I believe the next stage is for them to turn black. I shot this through some door screen my husband and I covered the tray with. It is my understanding Darkling Beetles can fly, and I didn't want them in the house. My son's teacher took the netting off on Monday to show the kids the beetles and one of them climbed right up the side of the container, so she put the netting back on. I didn't want to take any chances, so I shot through it. Still, very exciting to be part of the process.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Walking Sticks at the Library

I was at the public library in Bozeman (Montana) this past Saturday when it occurred to me that I could take a picture of the walking sticks they have at the children's desk. They've been there for awhile now. They're pretty awesome. Sometimes you can see them right away and sometimes you have to look really hard. I thought this was a pretty cool shot since they were all stretched out in the cage and from this end they form a really cool pattern.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

As the Hair Went, so too, the Beard

Well here are more shots of my husband. These are the styles he went through as he shaved off his beard. I agree with him about the mustache. Not a good look. I do like the gotee. Not so much with the shaved head, though. I'm hoping to convince him to do one once his hair grows out. He looks really cute that way.

You can check out his St. Baldrick's page by clicking on the title of this blog.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh, I Will Miss His Hair!

The shot above is a before photo of my husband. I blurred it since I didn't know if the hairstylist would want her picture on blogger. Today he got his head shaved for St. Baldricks.
Here you can see the results. St. Balrick's is a fundraiser for cancer. I linked the title of the blog to his information page. Check it out!

He may shave the beard off. If so, I'll post another shot.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Life is Getting Away from Me

I had to post twice today with everything going on. In the last couple of days my husband and I took some shots of icicles hanging off of our trampoline tarp. (Yes, I know a more ambitious couple would take that down over the winter. Actually, we are ambitious. We just choose to spend it on things like mealworms and our son's elementary school. Go figure.) Anyway, it was pretty awesome so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.


Trampolinecicles 2

All Fall Down
(Actually my son knocked them down. The joy of being a young boy!)

Winter Beauty

Worm Baby-Sitter

Well, I have a few friends who I'm sure are currently trying to decide whether they can involuntarily commit me, but they love me anyway. I was volunteering for art the other day as I do to help at my son's school when his teacher mentioned that she would be gone for spring break. She was wondering if any of her family would like to watch the mealworms while she was gone. I said I'd be happy to do it. I know my husband won't mind and my son will love it. So we currently have a brood (?) of mealworms in our house. It's pretty awesome. And no, I was not a bit influenced by my love of macro photography and all things insect. So I've taken a few shots. The top one is a dead larvae I fished out of the cornmeal. I'm not sure if it has been infected with fungus or not. Don't know what happened to it. In the middle shot you can see some potato chunks with larvae and pupae around it. The larvae get their moisture from the vegetable chunks. The last shot is of a larvae taking cover under a potato chunk. (I hope I'm not that scary.)

We currently have a wire mesh on top of the box since once the pupae hatch, we will have beetles in our house. They fly. So A) I don't need darkling beetles in my house and B) I want them in their habitat for the kids to enjoy should they hatch over the break. There are a few larvae left, so perhaps there will be some late bloomers. (Although, the adult beetles will apparently eat the larvae. Nature, it ain't pretty.)

Yes, I lead a sad life. I plan to literally go nowhere for Spring Break. Although, I'll probably go on errands. Waiting for a pupae to hatch can be about as exciting as watching paint dry. I'm sure it's quick once it happens. There will probably be a few more photos as the week goes by.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bozeman Explosion Part II

I took these photos the day after. Friday, March 6th around 11 o'clock. The photo above is of a local restaurant La Tinga. The one below is to show how deserted Main Street looks. I shot it on the corner of Tracy and Main looking East.

The photo below is interesting. On one hand you have the Odessey (the building on the corner) which lost windows due to the explosion. Then on the right hand side you have what was once the Rialto Theater which has looked like this for over a year. In fact, I didn't even stop to think that wasn't explosion damage until later.

The picutre below I took facing west on Main. You can get a better feel for the pile of debris from this angle.

The shot below was taken at Bozeman and Main looking East again. You can see how cold it was from the icicles on the sign post and the snow coming down. Between the stench and the temperature, I found it hard to stay for long. Also, my film camera ran out of battery power. I leave it on all the time and had forgotten to buy replacements. Someday I'll learn.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bozeman Explosion

These are some shots in the aftermath of the gas main explosion in Bozeman, MT on Thursday, March 5th. I wasn't able to get too close because they had cordoned off the area by the time I heard about it. Just as well. I'm all for public safety. The top shot is up main street looking east. The second shot was taken on Babcock (1 block South of Main) shooting over the buildings that are across the street from the explosion. The last shot is of main street facing west. The last two shots were taken on Babcock. One being of the yellow tape. I couldn't resist. The last, what can I say? I'm a nature photographer at heart, and I'm easily distracted. I'm hoping to get some photos of the ruins in the next couple of days. What a mess! What a day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Gets Trapped in the Spring Thaw

Today after shoveling slush off my driveway I thought I would try to break up the ice on the path to the front door. No luck. But I did notice that the way the tree seeds and leaves kept getting caught in the ice as it refreezes after each thaw is cool. So I took some photos. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Search of Ducks

Today my husband thought it would be a good idea to go and feed the ducks. So we headed out to Bozeman Pond. No luck. It was completely frozen over. My son had a blast running across the ice. I found a decomposing leaf to photograph. Then we were off to the college duck pond. There were a lot of ducks there. I thought the large duck was very interesting. I was unable to identify the breed. Best I can come up with is it's either a domesticated duck gone ferral or the offspring of such a duck. He (You can tell by the curly tail feathers.) definitely stands out. A giant among ducks. The day ended with a couple of nice sunset shots one of which is included in this post.