Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, I finally got outside again today. I went up to Bohart Ranch to go cross country skiing. While I love doing this, I am nowhere near in good enough shape for this sport. Today I got brave and went all the way up the hill to Jane's Gate. Then, despite being out of breath, decided I was going to ski in the meadow for the first time. It was worth it. It's so beautiful. And it was one of those days where the snow was all sparkly. Also the weather was so nice that I ended up removing my gloves and my hat. I was wishing I'd followed my first instinct to wear some long underwear under my long bike pants and long bike shirt. Even that might have been too warm. Just perfect and I've been in a great mood all day long. Hopefully one of these years I'll be able to go up two or three times a week if not more. That way I can get more stamina. I'd like to see the logger trails, but as far as I can tell that's pretty serious stuff. I'd have to practice a lot to get that good.

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