Sunday, February 1, 2009

Outside Again

Hi all I got outside again today after a brief reoccurrence of the flu.
These two photos are examples of pine borer damage. The needles on a tree will turn brown. You'll see large patches of this in forests. Easiest to spot in the trees on the mountainsides. Then when you get close you get the lower photo with lots of sap oozing from the tree and some holes where the beetles have burrowed in or out. I can't tell yet. All I know is they burrow in, lay eggs, hatch, fly off to another tree and start the whole cycle over. Our neighborhood just get hit. Our neighbors across the way cut down their trees although I couldn't see that they looked that bad. This tree is completely dead in the meadow behind my house. Our trees are looking rough. My husband keeps hoping the sap and cold will win and we can leave them standing. I'm afraid it's starting to look like curtains for our two wonderful shade trees. We'll see. Wait until the bitter end. Hopefully the tree service will let me photograph the insides. If nothing else, there should be some cool tunneling to photograph.

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