Monday, February 23, 2009

Culprit or Clean Up

Well, I'm not for sure if this is the culprit or if he's just here to clean up. (Some beetles eat nothing but dead trees. I assume that's to bring the tree back to earth.) Either way, this little guy got stuck in the sap. I would never have seen him except he showed up on a photo I had taken earlier. I was trying to photograph an ant stuck in the sap. No luck. This shot of the beetle is the best I could do with my digital camera. I've taken some film shots, but they have to be developed. When I went to find him on the tree, it took me awhile. He can't be any larger than 2 mm. On the flip side, he would fit the exit holes nicely. I can't find any matching photos on the internet. So I don't know if he's a pine borer. He looks like he could be a bark beetle. At this point, the tree is definitely toast. It's been bombarded by too many pests and the damage is too overwhelming.

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