Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cabin Fever

Winter for me is a kind of frozen limbo. I'm not much for the cold, so I find myself staying in probably more than I should. More likely than not, I'll catch whatever is going around and then I can't go outside. This usually kills any groove I've gotten into as far as braving the cold. Finally, I'm not very good at finding the nesting spots of my favorite subjects - insects. Although, if I were to get out more perhaps I would get the practice I need. If I were better at finding those, perhaps I would get more excited about winter.

Thus winter for me tends to be sparse where photographs are concerned. Mainly I find myself photographing ice a lot. I love the way it forms shapes and how the bubbles get frozen. It's very fun to photograph that up close. Or I'll find leaves stuck in the snow. Or, being stir crazy, I will find something in the house capturing my attention. This was the case with this photo of my son's art supplies. I love the reflection in the table.

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